With winter just around the corner, you might be starting to think about ways to stay warm at home while keeping your heating bills to a minimum. One area of your property you may need to turn your attention to is your boiler. If you’ve got an ageing, inefficient heating system, it could be adding hundreds of pounds onto your household bills every year. Let’s take a look at why your old boiler could be costing you big.

How much is your boiler costing you?

main_product_PCLAS24SYSEVOAs home energy efficiency specialists the Snug Network note, boilers account for a significant chunk of a home’s energy expenditure. In fact, it is estimated that they are responsible for just over half of households’ annual energy bills. With that in mind, having an efficient heating system can make a big difference when it comes to saving you money – and keeping your home cosier. The Energy Saving Trust estimate that if you were to swap an ageing boiler for a modern A-rated condensing version, you could save around £310 a year on your heating bills.

What’s the problem with old models?

Generally, with older models you don’t have the precise control you need over your heating. Often, they lack flexible controls and timers, meaning that a lot of the heat that is generated is simply being wasted. This can cause your energy bills to soar, especially during the winter when you will be using your heating more often. Condensing boilers on the other hand have an efficiency rating of around 90 per cent, meaning that they make much better use of the heat they produce.

Risk of failure

With ageing boilers, there’s also the risk that they could unexpectedly break. Like most things, the older it is, the more regular maintenance it will require and the more likely it is to fail at any time, and this could cost you big. If you suddenly need to fix your boiler, you could end up footing a bill for hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

Should I upgrade?

With the chilly season nearly upon us and energy costs remaining high, now’s the time to consider the efficiency of your heating system to ensure you’re not paying over the odds on your household bills. While there’s no denying that buying a new boiler will cost you, it’s worth bearing in mind that the amount you spend on the installation will be compensated by the money you make back in savings to your bills thanks to your new, more efficient model.

So, if you want to stay warm at home during winter while reducing your energy outlay, now might be the time for an upgrade.