Young drivers kind of have it tough when they are applying for car insurance. The premiums are high and the risk associated with them is enormous.

Even if you are the most careful young driver in the world, it doesn’t matter. You’re young, you’re a driver, and that’s that. You’ll pay through the nose for car insurance.

Unless you think about how you can best manage your insurance. And one of the very best ways to do this is to think about who you have on the insurance itself. Consider adding another, more responsible (in the eyes of the insurer anyway) driver, and this will help to bring the premiums down.

In some cases, having another driver as an occasional user who happens to be older will bring the premium down by hundreds of pounds so it is well worth considering.

The reasons for this benefit are simple. Basically, insured drivers are scored on risk. Having someone on the policy who is a lower risk means that you are therefore looking at an overall policy that has less risk on it. The other driver brings the risk rating down. This means much better premiums for the young driver to manage.

By the way, this is not just for younger drivers. It can help anyone who happens to know someone else who is a lower risk than them. The reason it works very well for young drivers is that they are usually hammered by high premiums, and need all the help they can get when it comes to the payments.

So if you are someone who is paying a very high amount for your car insurance, for whatever reason, then consider putting someone else on the insurance and gaining this benefit.

The better the history, the better the benefit

The better the driving history of the second person, the more likely that the premiums will be lowered significantly. This is a really important distinction to know, because everyone knows at least one person close to them who has a very strong driving record. The safer they are as a driver, and the better their history on the road, the bigger the impact on the premium.

The way to manage this process most effectively is to remember that not everyone will get the right mix first time. Your father may be  low risk but not as low as your sister, for example. The only way to ensure you get the best possible deal is to make sure you try a number of quotes with different additional drivers. This makes perfect sense because you may miss an opportunity because you believe one person is a better additional driver than another.

This is worth trying, because young drivers do have a very rough deal with car insurance premiums. Shop around, and try and ensure that you manage to get that additional driver on your policy, and you may just find that your premium is lowered.

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