When you own a buy to let property, a constant stream of tenant demand is necessary to maintain a successful venture. In a number of UK cities like Liverpool and Manchester, the demand for rental properties is forever increasing. However, while tenant demand may be high as a whole in certain areas, it’s still vital to make your property stand out above the rest in order to attract the most desirable type of tenants. If you’re hoping to welcome higher-paying tenants to your rental property, be sure to read these top tips.

Keep the decor up to date

Modern, stylish decor is always a winner in a rental property. Tenants don’t want to have to do lots of work on the property, so making sure everything is well-maintained and decorated to the highest standard is a good way to attract more tenants. It’s tempting to go for the typical brown carpets and magnolia walls, but don’t be fooled into thinking that this is the ‘blank canvas’ that tenants favour in a rental property. This type of decor is incredibly off-putting as it makes a property look dull and uninviting. Instead, opt for wooden floors and walls in alternative neutral shades like white or grey, using bolder colours where appropriate. RW Invest is one property company that understands the power of a well-decorated property, offering stylish city centre apartments with modern and minimal decor. Aside from the property’s decor, make sure you keep the fixtures and facilities of the property up to date, such as through installing new windows to add extra appeal to the property.

Make it presentable

When tenants are coming to view the property, be sure to keep everything as presentable as possible. This means doing a thorough clean of the property and keeping everything tidy. This is just as important after you’ve handed the keys over to your new tenant. Not only does this show that you care about keeping everything up to a high standard for your tenant, but it also sets the premise that you expect the same level of cleanliness to be maintained during the tenancy and at the end of the lease. This doesn’t just go for the inside of your property either, as the exterior can often require just as much maintenance. If you have a property with a garden, keep the grass cut, give the front door a fresh lick of paint, and add a creative display of flowers or plants for a pleasant finishing touch.

Create a welcoming atmosphere

One other way to make your property as welcoming as possible is to create an inviting atmosphere. During viewings, add some attractive touches to the property by lighting candles and opening windows and blinds to let as much natural light in as possible. Adding some greenery to each room with houseplants is another good way to create this welcoming feel and improve the appearance of the property as a whole.