St. Patrick’s Day is big business not just in Ireland, but all around the world. It is not a surprise that people spend plenty of money on this day. This also means that there are a lot of opportunities for you to make a bit of money as well. Some of the simplest ways to earn some cash from St. Patrick’s Day are described in the below article. And there is absolutely no reason to why you can’t combine some of these ideas!

Make St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

If you think you are really good at crafting, then you will see that there is a massive demand for St. Patrick’s Day ornaments and crafts. Also, you can hop at and look for the Irish Luck Slot. This is the best game which has what it takes to inspire you with some craft ideas. The game itself overlooks the beautiful forest where the fairy and leprechaun reside with the pot of gold. On top of that, with the symbols available on this game, you will be more motivated to deliver your best while crafting!

There may also be some craft funfairs that are held nearby where you can promote your items. However, one of the best places to advertise your crafts is on many social media sites, especially on Facebook where you can create your own page. There are equally many local buy and sell groups nowadays on Facebook. You can hopefully join these groups and advertise your items, where they are much easier to sell!

Design Your Own St. Patrick’s Day Clothing

This will also be of high demand during the St. Patrick’s Day, particularly T-shirts. There are various online sites where you can upload your design and then order how many shirts that you need. You will notice that many sites enable you to presell your shirts so that there are no direct charges for you. The costs of the production will be met by the sales, and the firm will send any profit on to you. This is especially a good choice if you are a beginner in design. It helps you see how successful it can be before investing your own money!

Look For Paid Temporary Jobs

There can be celebrations that will be hosted in the city or town you live that need temporary workers. It can be useful to find out who is behind these events and ask whether they have any vacancies. There could be things happening over a few days, or there may only be one night of work. If restaurants and bars know that they are going to be demanding, then they may perhaps be looking for extra staff. You could equally put an ad on the internet about your services and availability!

These are some of the ways to make money on St. Patrick’s Day. Of course, there are other ideas which might also be helpful. Such as sign up for lift sharing or even offer your services as a babysitter. At the end of the day, your choice needs to be what you feel more comfortable with!