We are all very aware that we need to be drinking a lot of water a day, its no health secret. Many of us are lucky enough to have a water cooler or dispenser at work to help hydrate us through the day.

We can recognise that certain foods and drinks can have a big impact on how productive we are at work (having a fry-up before work won’t exactly sit right if you’re not going to be working it off!). And a lot of us don’t fully realise the bodily effect of not eating and drinking the right things, especially when it comes to water.

A lot of us (even those of us to manage to drink whatever is recommended to us) still don’t know the full benefits of drinking enough throughout the day. However, there are a large variety of productivity benefits that you may not realise are down to drinking enough water. Here’s a quick breakdown of how drinking water regularly throughout the day can make you more productive.

Detoxify your body

Starting with the basics, water is the ultimate detoxifier for your body! We all know how awful it is to feel ill or run-down at work, and how it’s even worse when you’ve taken a day off to recover, to return to double the work the next day!

We’re not saying that water will reduce your work load, but however can contribute to a healthier body that doesn’t need as many sick days.

What drinking water does is clear out toxins in the body and helps eliminate the build up of bacteria and virus and thus helping strengthen your immune system, it also helps repair the parts that have been damaged throughout the day when you sleep.

Our immune system runs on the presence of water and fluids that control and clean areas of the body that needs protecting. What water does is sweep the body of the toxins, helping healthy cell re-growth and maintain the workings of your stronger immune system: The stronger the immune system, the less likely we will be sick and take days off work!

Brain Functionality

Alongside the big gun of a strong immune system, water helps your brain function clearer and help relieve headaches and tiredness. Our brains are around 70% water, so it is in constant need to be hydrated! And a pain-free and hydrated brain is a clearer brain and evidently a more productive brain!

A headache caused from dehydration is when the brain tissue shrinks due to its lack of water and thus causes pain in that region; and to rehydrate that tissue will relieve a headache (making it easier to work) and give your brain the capacity to be healthy and productive.

Drinking more water

There are many ways to remind yourself to drink more water throughout the day, such as keeping a bottle on your desk, in your bag, or wherever you spend most of time. Or try keep a bottle or two in the fridge for times when you want a cold refresher, which will also steer you away from reaching for the fizzy drinks or juices that usually come in fridges. You can also infuse your water with fruit or tea if you find water to be a little boring! Just make sure you don’t pile in a load of sugar into it! That will not only give you a brief sugar rush and a tiresome comedown, but will reap havoc with your body, and consequentially your productivity.


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