Car insurance can be incredibly costly, and many people find that the insurance even increases massively over time. But there are ways to ensure that you have car insurance that is manageable financially.

In other words, you can have cheaper car insurance as long as you make an effort to get it. This article will give you a few pointers in this area, and hopefully inspire you to go out there and find the perfect car insurance deal.


It is a well known fact that car insurance companies do not offer their best deals to existing customers. Instead, they offer the best plans to new drivers, it’s just the way it works. This mean that once you are locked into any car insurance deal the package doesn’t tend to get any friendlier.

The solution? Simply shop around and compare the car insurance offers that are open to new customers, especially online. You should find that there are some excellent deals available, but only if you sign up as a new customer.

Take the time to look at all the deals that are available and you could soon be well on your way to finding a perfect level of premium that makes your financial life that little bit sweeter.

Go easy on all those extras

An insurance company (for obvious reasons) will try and sell you a package that contains a host of extras, including other aspects like windscreen cover and so on. These could of course be useful, but it is important to say here that these are often not necessary during the life of the cover.

Avoid choosing cover that includes lots of extras and you will probably find that this saves you plenty of money in both the short and the long term. Take your time when choosing cover and it should work out that you get a better deal.

Direct debit?

It is often investigating the cost of direct debit versus a one off payment. Direct debit may at first seem like a very sensible and attractive idea because it simply allows you to spread the cost of payments, but in the long run a company could quite easily charge interest and significantly affect the amount of money you pay out in the final analysis.

Have a good look at the direct debit payment schedule and you should find that it raises a couple of questions about the amount of money you end up paying. If you can afford it at the time, pay the full annual amount.

Those are our top tips for finding cheaper car insurance. It isn’t difficult to find a good deal as a new customer, but once you have been with a company for some time, it’s important to consider the idea of shopping around for a better deal.

And watch that direct debit idea, you could save significant amounts of money over the years to come if you ensure you focus on a one-off payment.

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