Transitioning from crawling to walking can be exciting and arduous for your child, especially when the steps are associated with frequent bumps and trips. There are several developmental milestones in a child’s life, and the ages between 9 and 12 months of age are quite essential for the process. It is quite necessary that you encourage your child throughout, so that his motor capabilities don’t hinder along the process.

For the purpose, there are tonnes of baby walkers that have been designed with utmost care to guarantee and thus, encourage your child’s walking and running abilities. Some of the top rated baby walkers come equipped with a lot of features and activities that make walking easier and fun for the child.

Mentioned below are 3 reasons why every mother should consider buying a baby walker for her child’s motor development.


Baby walkers are also easily foldable owing to their flexible framework, and comprise of cushion seats to provide comfort to the child whilst walking. Whilst choosing a baby walker, it is highly necessary to pay attention to the material it’s made up of, since durability and reliability can be challenged and compromised in average baby walkers.

Most of the baby walkers have brittle or easy-to-deteriorate frameworks that might get ruined when exposed to sunlight, which is why it is necessary to go for sturdy ones that can easily fold and are stable enough. Most baby walkers might topple over or skid with excessive usage, so special attention towards sustainability and durability is required.

The top rated baby walkers come equipped with folding capabilities which makes it easier for people to put them aside when they’re not in usage. Most baby walkers have wide framework in order to prevent the child from wandering to the staircases or getting stuck in corners.


It is necessary that baby walkers compliment all kinds of surfaces, making sure they spin, twirl and swivel when needed, but with support and sturdiness. In addition, most top rated baby walkers come equipped with anti-slipping pads, which not only maintain friction but also protect the baby from slipping and walking properly in steep or sloping areas.

Bigger revolving wheels not only help your baby to move from one corner to the other, but also support the weight of your baby in proportion to friction and exertion. In addition, most baby walkers come equipped with speed reducers to prevent the baby from indulging in accidents while speeding up.


Apart from the fact that baby walkers comprise of comfortable, padded cushion seats to support the child during walking, most top rated baby walkers come equipped with activity and learning tools to make walking immensely interesting for the child. On the other hand, most baby walkers also comprise of toys so that the child can mingle and play whilst keeping steady.

Baby walkers are pretty good as gifts, and are used almost in every household with a baby at least once in a while. They provide epic supplementary support to the child while walking, and also help to build and keep your baby’s confidence at bay by encouraging and accommodating them easily.