Can seaming machines are a necessity on a food and drink production line, and for good reason. With the proper seaming machine, you can efficiently increase your production output. You won’t have to worry about other potential issues such as leakage or spillage, the machines having been designed with spill avoidance features.

The safety of your products and the safety of those who consume them have to be maintained. The right can seamer can also help your products retain the product freshness and longevity over a much longer timescale. In so doing, consumer satisfaction is guaranteed.

When you are in the market for a can seaming machine, there are some characteristics you should specifically target. Making a poor choice or uninformed choice of seamer can impinge on output, the quality of your products and ultimately the viability of the process. So what are the top characteristics you should remember before choosing a can seaming machine for your business? Let’s find out.

Budget and necessities

For any business owner, budget is of paramount importance. However, it should be remembered that a can seaming machine is one of the best investments you can make for your enterprise, so be prepared to spend for a high-quality. Better to acquire a multi faceted machine that fits all your requirements rather than going for a machine which may not be future proofed. Such a decision can ultimately lead to problems in your future production facility and output capability.

You need to think about your demand for production as well as the kind of product you have (and the materials that go with it). You should also consider the available space in your facility. The demand for production will determine the automation level you require from a can seamer, as confirmed by reputable suppliers such as Pneumatic Scale Angelus. Data supplied here shows that different types of seamer machines will be able to handle and deal efficiently with different kinds of products and materials.

Seaming machines can be designed with diverse layouts and sizes, so consider your available space and what the production process has to achieve. You can then determine your budget after all of these considerations, but do not compromise on the quality of the machinery you choose.

  • Future proofing

You may well be thinking of expanding or growing your business in the future. The choice of seamer machinery is crucial; you’ll want to consider ensuring that the machine you choose is future proofed. Perhaps you are producing low volume now, but it may not always be like this. So if you are aiming to expand and grow your enterprise, you should also select a can seaming machine that can easily be upgraded when the need arises so you can accommodate your new planned production volumes.

  • The importance of emergency switches

Here’s another essential characteristic to think consider – emergency switches. The thing is, most, if not all, can seaming machinery will come equipped with safety guards, but accidents can still occur in the midst of the process of packaging. And even if you think your operators are well-trained, accidents can still happen. Check for the availability of emergency switches on the machine, and this could well save you a ton of headache and hassle in the future.