Have you ever had that email drop into your inbox from the most boring person in the office? It has absolutely no sparkle to it and it looks like everything else sent out about standard products and shipping dates.

It is as utilitarian as a cement tower block and has all the visual appeal of one.

It was only by accident that you have even bothered to have a quick look over it. You really meant to click on the important email about cake in the break room, but this one got in the way.

Then you notice a few key words. It’s only four letters but FREE jumps off the page because that word is never used in this office. Who has something to give away and not make money out of. It probably isn’t worth anything and that’s why they are trying to give it away.

That would be fine until you spot the longer ‘TICKETS’. It has your attention hugely peaked and you reply. It is almost unsurprising when you get the response that you’re the only one who has asked for the free gig tickets. Nobody else has bothered to read the email.

It is amazing how much of a factor the visual impact of the email can make to the uptake. Cake gets everyone heading to the break room, mainly because it has been coloured in pink and has a picture attached to it.

So when it came to my time to invite our customers to a product launch, I knew I had to do something a little different to the rest of the emails flooding their inboxes. How much of a difference could a piece of event management software really make to the invite?

Well, it didn’t make it pink and it didn’t just have random pictures of cakes pulled from Google images. Instead, it had a professional ticket and all the information they could possibly want linking into the ticket.

The visual difference between a bog-standard email and the excitement of the event ticket could just have been the difference between getting our customers over to our event and not. Then we all know that the difference an event can make on the customer buy-in is huge, so who knows the impact a simple and professional looking invite really makes.