For something which started as a total hobby, it’s morphed more into more of a life-style and it has been for a long while. I was just playing along sending out my thoughts into the world and hoping someone would be interested enough to come back and see what I had written the next day.
Initially, I started to see my regular visitor numbers spiking and then my unique interactions really took off. I had the basic for doing this seriously and I took it with both hands. 
I’d created a couple of websites for other people on Wix, so this was the first place I turned when I wanted to branch out and control everything about my output. I didn’t really consider Blogspot or WordPress, I probably should have invested more time in the decision, but so far, it’s doing alright.
Wix has made it easy for me to get the basic SEO lined up. They prompted me to put in as much detail as I could. My metas are used, but not rammed, every image has an alt and my page naming is searchable.
I started off slowly, not really knowing how these things would affect me, but I just took on the guidance from Wix. It was a great place to start from, but I soon realised that I would need to do a little more than just label my pictures.
Following some advice from, I started to put a keyword into the first sentence of each blog post. I’d throw in a couple of links to well respected sites and hope for some reciprocal. I tried to keep the external links down to only one or two, as this wasn’t going to help me.

I’d entered into the world of SEO without really knowing what SEO was, then I found PPC and I had a huge dilemma on my hands.

I was always really happy to promote my site. It was a blog which I really wanted other people to feel they could use and find benefit from. Before they could do that, I knew that I needed them to be able to find my site, so I needed SEO.

Having a quick scan of any Google search results page and you instantly know that anything below the fourth link, is going to be ignored. I’m not sure that anybody has the time nor the patience to bother looking that low through the results.
My SEO had done enough to keep me at or near enough to the top of search results for my topic. There was every chance that if someone new went into Google and tried to find out anything about my niece, that they would probably find me first. I liked this.

Within about five minutes, I’d decided to not worry about PPC and to throw all of my efforts behind my SEO. It just feels right for my little blog to have people find me in an organic fashion.