It is a fact of contemporary business life that technology plays a huge part in how companies plan their short to long term strategies. Because we live in a digital age, IT support systems will have a direct effect on the success of the businesses that they serve. But are the fundamentals of good backup any different from the core issues that helped companies 40 years ago? Just because we do business in a digital age, it doesn’t mean that the essence of support has changed in any way significantly. In most cases, if a company management team is asked what they look for in this sector, they would more than likely specify stability and reliability as the major factors that influence who they use. These are the same for any backup support, whether it is digital or analog.

Essentially, companies want the backup to run quietly and efficiently in the background. Excellent providers should always be available, extremely pro-active and business orientated. These are the primary characteristics needed by modern companies.



If we examine the UK regionally, then, for example, a Bristol IT support provider will need to be available to the companies it serves. Availability and accessibility are vital in the provision of services that businesses look for when seeking out digital backup. This would include responding to routine requests and also providing first class emergency support. Downtime is a time when no money is being made, so timeframes in the digital age are much tighter than they were four decades ago. This type of support should include:

Responding to non-immediate and immediate IT problems

  • Providing support ‘on-site.’
  • Having a physical location, accessible by clients
  • Not being just an online business
  • Providing a full gambit of support that includes online and on site
  • Having a user-friendly website with a range of available support options that are 7/7 and 24 hours

All of the above factors should be examined by a business before committing itself to a contract for IT support. A company may also like to consider proactiveness.

Proactive IT support

Proactive IT support comes down to identifying possible problems before they occur and resolving them. This is business acumen that hasn’t been changed by the digital age. Being proactive will not only increase customer loyalty but will also decrease emergency call outs.

At the end of the day, IT support that is good will rely on standard business good practice methodologies that have always been with us. The digital age has changed a lot of the way that we do business but has not even scratched the surface of changing these well tried and tested values.