You know that now we have moved in to April, we really have hit the start of another season. The Winter can almost be put to bed and right before we move into Summer, we have this little season of Home Improvement.

Forget all about Spring, that’s merely one of those old traditional season relics. What we’re talking about even trumps the fashion season agenda. We’re right in the grips of the home owners’ self-improvement season schedule.
The Winter season is normally considered as the off-season or the planning season. It’s the time to relax, enjoy the benefits of all the previous years’ hard work and to soak in the comfort you have created.

Right at the end of the Winter season, the Home Improvement season kicks into full force. It’s during this time that we plan, we assess and we decide what we are going to do during those long Summer season nights.

This year, the top few items on our list are all relatively simple fixes. We noticed a few drafts coming through a couple of old window frames. There’s a section of the roof, which looks like it needs a little love and care before anything serious happens and it springs a leak. Then there’s the sealing the bathroom again.

Somehow, it was noticed by the other half, and therefore has gone to the top of my list, that there is the smallest of possible gaps between the sink and the wall. This is exactly where all of the water would form and it’s currently pouring down the wall, whenever the sink overflows.

I did suggest just not overflowing the sink, but that was the world’s most stupid suggestion and instead I was presented with a pack of tape and told to get on with it. Having a whole heap of no experience with taping anything except for some beautiful colours in Primary School, I checked out what I was meant to do. Luckily, my wife is a Jedi master when it comes to this sort of thing and she had brought the 3m dual lock tape from Viking Tapes . Two clicks later on the tablet and I knew just how much of a legend she really was.

The tape would not only stop any water from getting down the gap. It would water-proof the holes and still do more. It would create an invisible bond between the sink and the wall. It would effectively keep our sink on the wall better than anything I could come up with. To be honest, I’d already made the critical decision year’s before when I’d asked her to marry me, but she seems to forget that master stroke all the time.

After the immediate success of the bathroom tape, I couldn’t stop using tape to solve all our problems. I’d been trained for this moment since I was old enough to cut, so who was the Jedi Master now?