The idea of running one’s own business appeals to many individuals who are looking for financial independence and the opportunity to increase their take home pay. Any creative ideas and operational changes can be immediately implemented when you are your own boss.

Owning a successful business can increase one’s self-esteem and confidence in a way not always possible as an employee, as well as a better chance of being paid what you feel you are worth and in accordance with what you generate for the business. Your business.

In addition, working hours can be more flexible since you manage the day yourself and have the chance to employ others to manage different and aspects of and/or departments within the business, money permitting. However, business does not always go as planned and when it doesn’t, the effect on one’s health and wellbeing can be tremendous.

The Downside of Being a Business Owner

Running a business is not always plain sailing, and businesses do not always follow the intended path. Many businesses collapse within the first year while other business owners have to sell any number of personal assets just to keep their company afloat. As you would expect, the sheer stresses and strains of running a business that needs your constant attention to stay successful or to just remain viable, can be huge. In fact, the same factors that can be to your benefit when a business is doing well, can be to your detriment during hard times.

Flexible working hours translates into working day and night to keep the business functioning causing all manner of health issues. Without time to plan meals properly, obesity can become a real threat as fast food options become a daily reality for so many business owners. Sleepless nights and stress can lead to high blood pressure which may require medication and, over the years, coronary complications as a result. It is important to understand how to stay healthy when running a business. Your life could depend on it!

Learning How to Stay Healthy When Running a Business

Being healthy in business is serious. It will even help the overall success of your business if you remain healthy. Make sure you reduce your stress levels as much as possible by learning to religiously uphold a sensible work-life balance.

Starting the day early with an exercise routine could help keep you alert for longer and eating properly throughout the day will ensure that you get the right type of energy to achieve different tasks.

Opting for fresh fruits and vegetables as opposed to fried snacks will keep your energy levels high for longer and promote better health.

Walk as much as possible between meetings with clients. Walking can distract you just enough to help you look at the same problem from a different angle and keep you healthy at the same time by fighting the onset of obesity.

Learn to switch off at the end of the day and do something completely different if you can. This will help with problem solving since concentrating on the same problem for too long in your mind, may result in you being less effective and increase stress to dangerous levels.

Include laughter in your daily diet as smiling and laughing releases much needed ‘feel good’ endorphins which help to further lower stress levels.

The importance of a good night sleep can never be overstated. Not enough sleep is associated with the release of cortisol, also coined as the ‘stress hormone’ as well as hunger hormones which can lead us towards snacking on comfort foods and again, encouraging obesity. Research has suggested that sleeping less than six hours a night can triple the likelihood of developing diabetes and heart disease. So, a healthy lifestyle can promote a healthy business, for what good is success in business when you do not have the good health to enjoy it.

Eat well, sleep well and exercise your body. Your business and your life, could depend on it!