Money makes the world go round, and without it we are in serious trouble. But having it and spending it is one thing, actually being able to save it is another.

There have to be some ways in which we can save money without having to put too much effort into it. It’s hard enough managing our lives as they are, so saving should not be an issue as regards effort and time.

Try some of these quick and incredibly efficient ways to save money and you should find that you have a much more effective set of techniques to bring a little extra money into your pockets.

One of the best things you can do that takes a little effort at the start but then becomes a lot easier to manage is to create a spreadsheet for all of your household budget. This means including expenditure as well as income, with all aspects of your money being included.

This will take some time at the very start to get ready and set up, but after that initial start you should find that the budget for your household is very easy to manage. So a little bit of effort and then a much easier way to manage your saving campaign.

By having that spreadsheet, you have an easy to use way of looking at all your money. This way, you should be able to work out how to cut down on certain expenditures.

Cut down on takeaways

One of the most effective ways of saving money is to cut down on takeaway food. Many families have a Saturday night meal because it is the end of the week and people just want convenience. However, you can still have as much fun if you have home-cooked meals on a Saturday night as long as you make the effort to make them fun.

And it will save money too. Ways to make them fun include having a theme night, where everyone involved in the meal has to dress up to match the theme, or cook dishes that fit into the theme.

This is a great way to have lots of fun and save hundreds of pounds every year that you would normally spend on takeaways. Try it for a year and you will see the difference in your bank account.

If you are open to it, try shopping at the rapidly growing discount supermarkets out there. Some of them are becoming famous for actually selling high quality food, which makes a big difference because it is often half the cost of food in more established supermarkets.

The discount supermarkets have now become a mainstay of family life for any family that wants to save money while eating well. If you haven’t tried them yet, it is well worth giving them a go.

Don’t forget that having a savings approach in your life will mean much more money in your bank account on a regular basis. This makes for a more comfortable life, simply because you are saving money consciously.

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