We all understand completely that we have to protect our homes with home insurance. It just makes perfect sense to do so. However, home insurance can be pricey, and premiums can race through the roof if you are not careful.

We hope, with this article, to provide you with a guide to finding some ways in which you can find cheaper home insurance. Follow these tips and you should find that you have a better deal all round.

Keep things simple

When arranging your home insurance, or if you have a chance to change the details of the plan, you should opt for a package that has as little extras as possible. There are many aspects of home insurance that are absolutely necessary for example, but also a few that are just frills rather than essentials.

For example, unless you are literally the clumsiest person in the world, look carefully at your accidental damage section and work out if you really need it. Some insurance policies make their accidental damage very expensive, with some companies making it 25% of a final premium.

This is not right, and is worth getting rid of if you are able to. We’d be being flippant if we said ‘just be more careful around the home’ but just ask yourself if you really need accidental damage.

Look at your insurance policy, or a policy you are considering, and see what is being added on as extras. They may be worth ditching.

Combine the cover

Try combining buildings and contents cover, just try it. insurance companies are extremely focused on sign ups and they will often give you a better deal if you are happy to combine covers.

This means you get a nice price and they get your business. Everyone wins (but you win just a little bit more).

It’s important to remember that insurance companies do, in the end, want your money. If you decide to give it to them, be specific on what you want and you may get a good deal.

Join a neighbourhood watch

If you can, join a scheme. Some insurance providers will reduce premiums by up to 5% because of this. It is therefore well worth joining one. And the more you show you are trying to make your home more secure, the more likely companies will reduce those premiums.

Consider buying heavy duty locks and installing security lighting. You may be pleasantly surprised by the response that an insurance company gives in this situation.


As a follow on to the last point, building up a no-claims discount is one way in which you can get huge savings. Over a number of years you can even find that your premium is slashed in half if you work hard to gain that discount level. So keep everything secure and make yourself the customer that never claims, and look forward to better premiums.

Try the above ideas, and you should find that your home insurance becomes a comforting and inexpensive part of your life.

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