It is certainly true that our homes need energy to run them, and equally true that this can also be one of the biggest areas of cost every year, especially for a family home.

Running a family and trying to keep those energy costs down can be a very difficult and tricky matter, unless you have a good set of tips in place, that really help you to get on top of the situation. That’s what we hope to have provided here. Have a read, out some of the ideas into practise, and you should find that you have a more energy efficient, and less costly, home.

The One degree thing

If you just turn down your thermostat by one degree you may well find that it has a massive impact on your energy bills. Turning down the heating by just a little means that you will reduce energy costs over the year. The cumulative effect will mean that you have cheaper bills and therefore a better experience all round. You won’t notice the difference in heat at all, but you will notice it when you save as much as £60 a year just by turning the heating down a fraction.

Laundry service

Try hanging out your laundry to dry as much as you can. Even if you do it with just one or two loads a week you are saving money on using that dryer. this all adds up too. Of course, you could hang them up on a rack in the house and this is nearly as good as hanging them up in a breeze. In either case, you’re looking at a situation where you have dry clothes for free, rather than the cumulative cost of using the dryer every day.

Obviously the very best situation is to have good enough weather to be able to air your clothing outside. If this isn’t possible, do it indoors. Try it once a week at first and see how much work it is (it isn;t a lot of work to be honest) and then see if you can extend the natural drying project further.

Take it off standby

many devices in our homes, from TVs to handheld gaming devices, have a standby mode, where you aren’t actually using it but it is ready for use. In other words, you aren’t turning the device off.

Turn it off though, and you will find that it actually saves you money. It’s a worse problem than you might think too. For instance, did you know that a charger for a phone uses energy if it is plugged in, even if it isn’t being used?

Some top tips here, then, for ensuring that your home is energy efficient and is also saving you money on your energy bills. Little things here and there matter, and combined, can turn into huge savings for your household.

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