That’s right, saving energy can be cool. In this article, we will look at a few things you can have around the home that will help you to save energy and therefore money.

An electric blanket

This is that wonderful device that never really goes away. It usually fits underneath the bottom sheet and contrary to popular belief it is more often used to pre-warm a bed. Having a bed pre-warmed is a wonderful little luxury in the winter months.

Often, when people actually get into bed, they turn the electric blanket off. Some choose to put it into ‘sleep’ mode, which uses a significantly reduced amount of energy.

And think about the savings you are making here with your heating costs. If you’re able to reduce your heating costs by allowing your bed to be warm without going crazy on the boiler, you’re saving money over time. And on top of all of that, you also have a lovely, cozy bed.

A radiator key

We’re talking about the brass ones here. A brass radiator key is a great investment because it allows you to bleed a radiator. A radiator sometimes has air trapped inside it. That air rises, naturally, and cause the radiator to be cold at the top. This makes us turn up the heat. Cue an incredibly expensive radiator that costs a lot more over time as you keep overcompensating for the problem.

A brass radiator key will allow you to bleed the radiator on a regular basis, therefore removing some of the trapped air, and allowing your radiator to heat the home properly. It’s a small thing, but over time it will seriously reduce the costs of heating, because most people, when a radiator is going cold, simply think it is just getting colder. And then they turn up the heat.

The shelf

While we’re on the subject of radiators a simple radiator shelf is an incredibly useful way to build in more efficient heating of the home. The simple shelf, once installed, will throw heat back out into a room, rather than upwards towards the ceiling. This means more heat from you, and a more sensible and less costly way to heat up the home.

Old school

An old-fashioned (but very effective) way of saving heat is to use papier mache. Stuff this down the cracks in floorboards and you will stop heat escaping a room. It sounds utterly weird, but it does actually work, and will keep your room warmer, and therefore create a situation where you use less heat over time.

Just doing one or two of the things above and installing this or fitting that will mean that you start to save energy. Adopt these ideas wholesale and you will end up with a more energy-efficient home, and one that simply costs less to run. And all of that makes perfect sense if you have a large family, or just less money to spend generally.

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