If you’re headed on a business trip, there is more than just your notes to prepare. You’re going to need to look the part and act the part. With this in mind, a checklist can prove most helpful.

Visit the dry cleaners

If you’re off to a conference or important meeting, you’re more than likely going to be dressed smartly. Make sure you hit the dry cleaners with the suit you’re going to wear and check that any other workwear doesn’t need to be cleaned. Pick your suit up the day before you leave and this will help you to avoid any unnecessary frustration while packing your case.

Pack wisely

When it comes to packing, it’s going to be rather different from packing for your summer holidays. Of course, there’s that unspoken but well established rule that business meetings require a smart dress code. That being said, be sure to carry a smart pair of pants or skirt, a range of shirts and blouses to choose from and nice but comfortable shoes. You should also take some dress clothes should there be any events or parties on the agenda. If you’re worried about the order of your stuff becoming muddled or your clothes getting creased, invest in some packing cubes. You should also consider packing a spare change of clothes in with your hand luggage as it always pays to take precautions. 

Remember the relevant documents

Don’t travel without any necessary documents. Be sure to take a copy of your credit card as well as a contact book of numbers in the event of theft or loss – you can never be too careful. You should also pack your medical insurance card, along with any reservations or confirmations. If you’re using electronic tickets, make sure they’re bookmarked on your phone or tablet and not lost amongst a mass of emails. Moreover, your passport and driver’s license should be the first thing you pack.

Book your accommodation early

You should aim to book your hotel as early as possible as the most popular cities for business have an occupancy rate of over 70%. Unfortunately, this means that your hotel is more than likely to be booked up to a month in advance, if not longer. So, as soon as your trip is confirmed, get booking. On average, those travelling for business book their stay 17 days in advance. The Dorsett Hotel, City of London can be the perfect place for respite should you be visiting the capital.

Wi-Fi isn’t guaranteed

Good Wi-Fi is imperative when travelling for business purposes, however public hotspots aren’t always reliable and if the connection is good, it may not be as secure as you may think. If you’re travelling abroad, check your roaming costs and consider investing in a portable wireless device. This will save you the stress for searching for a hotspot or the trouble of getting a local SIM. Plus, many devices are able to connect multiple devices at any one time without hampering the bandwidth, meaning any clients or colleagues you’re travelling with are able to share the connection.