Forget about gardening and crocheting, more and more retired people are heading to their computers to spend their time taking part in online gaming. In a world usually occupied by teenagers and young adults, it is interesting to note that the fastest growing online gaming community is among those who are 60+ of age.

Online gaming has become more popular because more people are using the latest technology.

This has been the leading theory as to why more and more retirees are enjoying online games; they are simply using more of the devices which are necessary to play them.

Sales in devices like tablets and smartphones are always on the rise; so it follows naturally that people use these devices across a variety of different platforms.

A particular market that has seen a significant rise of retired users is the free-to-play online gaming sector. Free Lotto Fest is an online lotto-styled game whose main player base is made up of retired or retiree-age players.

Damain Whitehall, COO of Neezy Technologies, who are a major player in the online gaming sector, has said that, “We’ve seen that over the past few years more and more of the older generation becoming technologically savvy.”

Older users seem to be falling in love with online gaming.

It is estimated that upwards of 80% of retired device users spend a significant portion of their time playing online games. And a significant portion of these players like games where real money is involved.

It would seem that this particular group like an alternative to visiting a casino or venturing out to buy lottery tickets,” said Whitehall.

Many of the online games use play style similar to traditional lottery, i.e choose your lucky numbers and wait for the draw.

And as it stands these trends so absolutely no signs of slowing down as more retired people are spending their free time trying their luck at online games.