98% of employees are on social media, but it isn’t just a part of your employees’ everyday lives; it is also a critical component of your brand image and marketing strategy. That means that to protect both your business’s reputation and your employees’, you cannot afford to have an unclear or inadequate social media policy that covers what they post from the company’s profile as well as their personal profiles.

Protecting the company

Leave no room for ambiguity when setting out the kind of language and topics to be avoided when posting from official accounts. You may feel it is obvious what is and is not appropriate to post from the official company profiles, but this is not something you should leave down to the judgment of individual employees. Shockingly, only 29% of companies currently have a social media policy in place. If someone does slip up and cause a crisis by posting something they shouldn’t, you’ll be able to show your official policy does not approve of the controversial post.

A social media policy is not just about telling your employees what they can’t say though. Social media guidelines should also be in place to ensure a consistent posting schedule, legitimately sourced images/statistics and to manage social engagements.

Protecting employees

A clear social media policy protects your employees as well as your business. Make sure employees understand they can’t badmouth the company or discuss trade secrets even on their personal profiles. Besides the impact on your business and the disciplinary procedures your employee could face, they should also be made aware of the impression this behavior will give future employers.

You should also provide guidelines on how to post appropriately when interacting with colleagues on social media, to prevent workplace conflicts continuing to bother your employees at home as well as embarrass the company. 

Empowering employees

If this all sounds like your employees can’t wait to cause problems for your business on social media, that’s not the case. Employees can also be your brand’s biggest advocates on social media. Teaching them the right way to post about the company can enable them to share positive news and your organizations recent achievements, spreading awareness of the great things your business does and why they love to work there. Posts by employees get eight times the engagement of posts by official brand pages.

ReputationDefender’s online reputation specialists can advise you on an effective social media policy for your business and help manage your reputation on social media.

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