When you look at any business and any market, there are certain elements about a business which make it stand out from the average mess of its competitors. Most of these are very small signs which all just build together to combine and create that feeling of superior professionalism.

There is the way that the phone is answered. It’s not just a simple hello, followed by their name. It’s about the company, there’s pride in working for that company and everyone knows that the company name comes first. When a potential customer calls up, they want to be greeted by someone who can solve their issue and provide the most amount of help possible. They do not want to be put through to someone who speaks and grunts down as phone, for all intents and purposes, they just want a professional to deal with their query.

Then we look at the meetings. In every business and organisation, there will be meetings with external customers and team projects. Are these meetings just held in the staff canteen, because there is the most space available? Or are meetings held in dedicated meeting rooms, which have been equipped with the right technology to make your meeting happen floorlessly? Is the laptop already waiting with the presentation on it and the projector connected? Are notebooks and drinks aligned to each desk?

It’s the little touches which really mount up and make the big picture look so much more impressive. The signs in reception to welcome the customer onto site. The prepared guest passes which work instantly and allow the guests to get into the right parts of the buildings.

Everything your guests see and do on your sight or in your emails, should be first class. They should experience the top level of professionalism and they should associate this with your company.

It goes throughout every aspect of your interactions with any prospective clients. It takes a couple of minutes to download email newsletter software and then to create a professional and working newsletter to update all of the client base around the current activities. Gone are the days of just sending out a typed email with some key dates in it. You’re better than that and the company you work for are better than that.

A professional looking email newsletter stands more chance of being read than just a hastily concocted mess and it takes a fraction of the time you think. Within five minutes of thinking that you should be sending out your marketing emails within a template, the email can already be sent to all of your clients and be generating the interest you need and deserve.

IF you think about it, working smarter to create the professional edge to any company, is the essential way to get ahead in any competitively packed market segment. Looking professional and achieving great results will only ever generate more custom and more profit which ever way you slice the pie.