That’s what dictates how almost all industries grow. It’s ideas that shape the present, the future and the very fabric of these industries themselves. Imagine the difference that internet made for banks. While in the old days people had to wait for days, and sometimes even weeks to get their money orders, it has now become possible to get one within seconds even if it’s been sent from across the world. Or consider the difference that the smartphone has made in terms of communication. People can talk, message to as many people as they want anywhere in the world 24/7. These were all revolutionary ideas that promised to transform the world and they did.

Marketing is that ingenious idea that transformed the art of selling product/services to customers. In the barter age, there was no need to present your product in a distinctive manner. It was simple give and take. And as the world progressed so did our method of doing things, as well as buying and selling. Customers have options now. They are no longer dependent on one singular brand to satisfy their need or desire for a product/service. The wealth of options at their disposal makes the market an extremely competitive place for brands to be in.

It is a question of survival for brands, no matter how big or small, to always come up with new and innovative ways to ensure that they have a competitive edge over their competitors. Innovative packaging is one such area that grants them a definitive edge over all their competitors.

So here are some innovative packaging designs that brands that adapt to gain the attention of their clients and gain a distinctive place for themselves.

Wood inspired packaging

This is a strategy that worked wonders for Samsung at a time when Apple was the definitive market leader. The wood themed packaging for their phones helped them present a sense of class and assurance that a lot of customers yearn for. It lends a feeling of authenticity and natural. It serves as a clear contradiction to the more artificial packaging that can be found on the market. It is definitely an option to consider if you want your brand to give off the feeling of being genuine.

Metalized Papers

This is a trend that has begun to gain popularity because of how it transforms a simple product into a sophisticated piece of art. There is no doubt that metalized packaging is more attractive to most customers. It creates a stronger sense of shelf appeal as well as being more distinctly viewable from a distance. Being easy to detect is a dreams scenario that any brand would want for their product/service.

Elevated Coating

This is another feature that allows your brand to communicate a sense of quality and class without revealing the product itself. The texture of the packaging can leave a significant impact on how customer and potential customers view your product. There are multiple elevated coating options such as the raise UV gloss as well as glitter coatings.

Soft Touch Coatings

The whole point of making your packaging attractive is to not only keep it distinct but attract customers. You’ll need to have something truly unique to offer to your customers in such cases. Using soft touch textures like cashmere or cotton might do the trick.