It’s possible to look a million dollars with the tightest of purse strings

Your prom is an event to be excited about for  many months in advance; the opportunity to dress up to the nines, travel in luxury, attend a top venue and best of all spend it with your best friends.

Whilst some really do go to town when deciding how much to spend, it’s really not necessary to go overboard. With some clever shopping and canny haggling, you can look as well-dressed and glamorous as anyone who has spent two or three times the amount you have to play with.

Finding a dress

There are huge numbers of shops you can now buy prom dresses from. Whether it’s from clothing shops in your local town or city, through online sites or by having it handmade, there’s always great bargains to be had for top designer looks.

The best time to find a great sale bargain is in the New Year. All the glitzy Christmas dresses will be heavily reduced and it won’t only be short styles you’ll find on the sale racks – there will be plenty of cut price long, formal wear choices too.

Stores online are a fantastic source of low priced dresses but ensure that you’ve taken all your measurements before you press the ‘Buy’ button as it will be hassle if it doesn’t fit and you need to send it back. Some of the least expensive options are dresses which are hand made in China from online sites; again though check out the measurements first as sending something back could be problematic.

If your parents know someone who is a dressmaker you can truly have a unique dress for a fraction of one from a store. Chat through your ideas with them and take photos of designs you’ve seen online. They will create an incredible one-off outfit for you.


You want to arrive like a Hollywood A-lister but the thought of the price of a limousine may be a concern. Don’t be worried though because if you divide the cost amongst friends and agree to travel together, the individual cost will plummet and you’ll still have a luxurious journey to look forward to.

For larger groups of friends, the fee can be even less expensive  with party bus rental, NJ-style. A huge limousine which can seat up to 30 people for a prom, it’s even more exciting than any other limousine because of the up to date on-board features such as a laser light show, surround sound, fibreoptics and even a disco.

Hair and beauty

If you’re not used to having your hair styled and you don’t normally wear much makeup, the prospect of a trip to a hairdresser or to see a beauty technician may leave you feeling it’s going to be an expensive experience to look great. This isn’t the case though as many hairdressers will offer you a free trial of your favourite hairstyle and make-up artists will always chat through the options with you first so you don’t end up paying for a look you really don’t want.

If you have a hair and beauty college in your town, talk to them as they are always looking for models with rocket bottom prices to pay. As the students are constantly under supervision, you can be assured that you’ll look just as great when you leave their training salon and have paid only a small sum as a trip to a top hair stylist in town where fees are much higher.