My New Morning Commute

I moved house recently. It’s a nice place we have moved into, but pretty much the same as the last. The town is about the same size and has all the same shops and places to go. 

The only reason we had to move in the first place, was to get me closer to work. I’d changed jobs just over two year’s ago and my commute was starting to really get to me. Every day, I would head out in the darkness which grips the world at five in the morning. Then every evening, I would return home well after eight, having not seen the sun except through the office windows. (more…)

London, United Kingdom Public Speaking Class Events

We have a very friendly, supportive and non-judgmental environment. We encourage people to make mistakes here and learn from them, as there will be no negative consequences from that. Our unique approach to public speaking goes much deeper than most others. We’ll help you to develop an authentically confident personal public speaking style that will allow you to connect with your audience, and successfully get your points across in a way that impacts your audience intellectually and emotionally. (more…)

3 Steps To Prevent Your Phone From Being Hacked

It feels like technology is advancing by the day and allowing us to complete tasks on devices like our phones and tablets we would once not imagine would be possible. From updating our social media to using online banking, within a matter of seconds your mobile phone can allow you to access the majority of your personal accounts at the touch of a screen. Although carrying out tasks on our devices has never be so simple and security is constantly improving; this doesn’t mean you’re immune from hackers accessing your passwords and confidential information.  (more…)

E-Sports – The Betting Markets of the Future

e-Sports have been around for over a decade at this point, but they weren’t really something the gambling community paid much interest. However, now one of the sports betting site in UK has gained a good knowledge base on the new cyber-sport type for sports bettors to bet on.

Over recent years more media coverage, bigger prize pools and colossal fan-base growth behind e-sport leagues and tournaments have driven gamblers with a love of video games crazy. (more…)

Our New Recycling Push

When you walk into the office on a Monday morning and find that they’ve removed all of the bins, then you know that something is up. There was an email on Friday afternoon, but that got the Friday afternoon treatment and went straight into the bin. (more…)

Luxury yacht charters in the South of France – For business and for pleasure

The Mediterranean has long been established as the world’s top luxury yacht charter ground, and when you consider the benefits of premium accommodation, transport and first-class personal service all rolled into one, it’s not hard to see why motor yachts and sailing yachts are so desirable for family holidays and corporate event charters in the region.

On board amenities also play a vital role in their lasting appeal, from the quintessential sundeck Jacuzzi and bar for cocktails at sunset, to more practical considerations such as conference rooms and private offices. This makes it possible to take work with you while you cruise between destinations, or shut the world out completely for a satisfying adventure amongst the magnificent cities and wildernesses of the French Riviera.

Learn more below about the main destinations for luxury yacht charters in the South of France, and why they appeal for business as well as pleasure. (more…)

Top Tips on Planning for your Next Business Trip

If you travel for business a lot – you will no doubt spend lots of time booking flights, booking hotels – and sitting about in airports.  Although the business trip itself may be a successful one and well-worth the travel – sometimes the logistics involved can make things a bit of a hassle.  As such, we have created a list of top tips on planning your next business trip to make it as enjoyable as possible for you. (more…)

How To Enter The Investment World As A Beginner

Investing can be a difficult job at the best of times and if you’re a complete novice it can be difficult to know how to start. Contrary to the public image of investors rolling in cash, to be a successful investor requires a lot of hard work. From designing the best stock portfolios to working out what is needed to manage the ups and downs of the markets, there’s a great deal to be thinking about. Thankfully, there are some tools you can use to help you break into the investment markets to secure the best possible start in your trading career. (more…)

Life Behind The Steering Wheel

I’m sat not moving. I’m sat in the middle of no-where and I’m not going to be moving for ages. For some unknown reason, I actively choose to lose hours of my life, every week, just to sit and do nothing.

To be fair, I’m in my car on the way to work and theirs a traffic jam. It’s not unexpected and it’s not like I haven’t planned for it. It is the same every day and it will never change.

There are hours in my week, where I know I’ll be sat here, doing nothing. Just me behind the steering wheel and the radio letting me know that there’s traffic exactly where I am sat stationary.