The sequel is always a very tricky movie to make. That is why most of the best movie makers in the world wait a bit in order to get it right. It is essential that the sequel is at the very least as good as the first movie. Nut Job was is a great animation. The revenue generated by the movie can be taken as credible statistics to support this. Nut Job 2, the movie has to do better than its predecessor. A safe bet should be that it will. But even like the best online casino games, nothing is a given certainty. You can also visit to see different types of online casino games.

Nutty by Nature

Surly the squirrel is back. This time he is not fighting for himself. The park is under threat from the evil mayor of Oakton City.  It is time for Surly and his group of friends to come together to save Liberty park, their home.

The mission is very simple, as always. Stop the building of an unwelcome amusement park on their home. The strategy is also very easy. Just stop the bulldozers by defeating their nemesis the mayor.

Unlike the last time, this time around the animals seem to be on the same team. They are making a stand against the mayor to prevent his diabolical plan from becoming a reality. However the mayor is not on his own. In the mayor’s corner is his daughter and an animal control officer. This evens out the odds and makes for an exciting adventure.

The cast of the movie includes several actors who were in the first flick. Will Arnnet returns as the voice of Surly the unlikely hero. Other characters that are back are Andy, Precious and Buddy. Their voices are provided by Katherine Heigl and Maya Rudolph respectively. Buddy is dog if you had forgotten which animal he is. Listen for the voice of Jackie Chan who plays Mr. Feng.

Cal Brunker directed this Nut Job sequel. The movie will be released in the United States of America on the 18 August 2017. It is worth marking that date on the calendar because this promises to be a great sequel.