Not everyone is as experienced on the internet as the typical millennial that grew up using PCs and then smartphones and tablets. While most of us have gotten used to using Google to find out basic information, launching a website for our business is no small matter.

Assigning a web studio is fine for businesses that have significant funding, but if you’re bootstrapping or running your business on a low-to-medium budget, then the four-figure price tag for a website isn’t very affordable. A website builder, on the other hand, is far more budget-friendly and comes with a host of useful features for business owners.

Here are some ways in which a website builder assists business owners to get more done with less.

Pre-made Professional Templates

A web designer will require several meetings, design mock-ups to get approval on, and other steps before the website is complete. It’s a process that takes weeks, even months. And that’s if you’re first in the queue without other design clients taking precedence.

When using a website builder like, you do not need to use an expensive graphic designer to create your site from scratch. They already have attractive templates to choose between where you can add your name and a logo. From there, a site is filled out with the relevant information such as your business name, contact details, email address, and so on.

Web Hosting without the Fuss

Web hosting is essentially the server where your website files reside. When a potential visitor types in the web address – e.g. – the traffic is sent to that server and magically your website appears in their web browser on the other end.

Usually, you must sign up with a web hosting company and set up some of the details yourself. Dealing with a web hosting company involves understanding IT jargon which is confusing for people new to this type of service.

Website builders offer hosting as part of their package. A ‘’ domain name can also be registered. The heavy lifting is taken care of, so you don’t have to get all technical.

Selling Products

Selling products by using e-commerce is a challenge for people who aren’t net-savvy. It’s complicated and not for anyone unfamiliar with how websites work.

Depending on the website builder package selected, it’s often possible to add products to some of the pages on your site. This depends on the sophistication of the website builder, but when paying for a mid-tier plan a year in advance, quite often there’s support for e-commerce included. Most likely – as is the case with WebEden – the higher the plan, the more products can be added too. This way, your product range can expand as your business grows.

Marketing on Social Media

Marketing your products on social media is made easier with website builders too. Usually, when adding a product, you can promote the product page on Facebook and ‘tweet’ it out on your company’s Twitter account.

People who visit your social media or get alerted to a new share or tweet can ‘retweet’ it or ‘Like’ the posted information to spread the word. This broadens your audience beyond the small number of followers that your social media channels may already have.

Getting More Sophisticated

As your knowledge grows, and you get more comfortable using a website builder, it’s sometimes possible to add in Google Analytics, Google Console or Google AdSense.

The Google Analytics package can track who’s visiting your site and what pages they look at. Google Console provides information on what searches brought the visitors to your website. And Google AdSense is an advertising platform in case you wish to make a side income from advertising.

These are more advanced steps to work towards and, while helpful, don’t have to be done right away.

If you’re not familiar with setting up your own website, or the design budget is scary, then a website builder is a great way to get your feet wet. The setup process is quick and painless. Your website will instantly have a professional appearance including all the usual bells and whistles. Website builders are far more affordable than using a web studio, perhaps with money left over for marketing too.