Since we were children, we have always been drawn to playing games. Why might this be the case? There are three main reasons. First, there is the act of achieving something, which takes into account a desire to advance, to compete with others and an interest in the system and rules of the game. There is also a social aspect, which is the desire to connect with others, to chat, to help fellow players, and being part of a group. Finally, there is also immersion, which includes developing and customising a character to play in the story of the game, along with a need to escape from reality.

The passion for play

There are numerous other aspects of games that appeal to us, such as having fewer constraints than in real life, the competitiveness and interactivity, and the game’s artistry. No wonder we can’t get enough of playing games and our passion for play has followed us into adulthood.

From cards to video games

At one time, board games were the popular form of play, and they remain enormously popular today, with games such as Risk still entertaining in countless homes the world over. Video games have certainly come into their own, of course, and are one of the more popular forms of entertainment today, whether on consoles, like Xbox and Sony PlayStation, or web games such as slots. Some of the more popular video games in recent years include Grand Theft Auto V and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Oddschecker features numerous slots with free spins and no deposit, each embracing the spirit of play that lies within each of us.

Why we continue to play

Once we start playing, along with the flow of the game and the satisfaction coming from the controls, graphics, and story play a major role in our desire to keep playing. The social aspect also remains important. That is especially true in online and multiplayer games, where if the user has made connections with others, gained recognition, or has numerous achievements in the game, they will want to continue playing. At the end of the day, however, win or lose, playing has always been, and always will be, in our nature.