Iobit MacBooster is a famous Mac cleaner software that provides the same features just as Movavi Mac Cleaner. The Macbookster review will point out a few disadvantages that Macbookster has when compared to Movavi Mac Cleaner. Some of the features in Macbooster are hidden in more than one levels in the software. This makes it hard for new users who are unfamiliar with the software to find the features that they are looking for. In Movavi Mac Cleaner, you just need to click once to access the feature that you need for cleaning up your computer.

mac_cleaner_9Unlike Movavi Mac Cleaner, it does not take the initiative to run an automatic scan on all sorts of temporary files on your computer.  You must go to the settings to check the types of files that you want it to scan before it will scan for them. In Movavi Mac Cleaner, all the temporary files will be scanned and displayed in the list when you click on the System Cleanup tab. If there is a type of temporary file that you don’t want to delete, you can uncheck it by sliding the switch with your mouse cursor.

Macbooster’s user interface is not as friendly as the user interface of Movavi Mac Cleaner. The reason is that the font size it uses is tiny and harder to read. This is no good for people already don’t have good eyesight as it can cause their eyesight problem to be even worse. The font size used in Movavi Mac Cleaner is much bigger and easy to read.

Macbooster lists both the System OS X apps and User apps together in a single tab. If you have a lot of user apps installed, the list is going to be very long after adding the OS X apps on your Mac computer. If the list is very long, it is very hard to spot the app that you want to delete even after scrolling up and down several times. This increases the chances of you accidentally uninstalling the wrong app that actually intended to keep. Movavi Mac Cleaner makes it easy for people to locate the app that they want by including both the OS X apps and User Apps in separate tabs.

Macbooster is available in two versions including lite and standard versions. The standard versions has the same features as Movavi Mac Cleaner. The lite version is missing a number of features such as full system clean, optimize your system, antivirus, and 24/7 customer support. The standard version costs $59.95 but Movavi Mac Cleaner only costs $39.95

Macbooster provides customer support through email, knowledgebase and community. Movavi Mac Cleaner also offer live chat customer support apart from the email customer support. You can engage with other users of Movavi Mac Cleaner and ask them questions in the online community. At the Movavi site, you can also find a complete database that provide tutorials for all kinds of videos.

As you can see, Movavi Mac Cleaner has been proven to give your money more value compared to Macbooster. It includes all the features at a cheaper price and works efficiently in cleaning up your Mac OS X system from junk files.