We’ve got everything easy. We’re living in the greatest years of technology. We have the world at our feet. We don’t know the hardships of a real day’s work. We will never know what it was like to work down a mine or have to sweep a chimney.

People tell Millennials these things all the time. Even the title Millennials is suggestive of an easy life.

The one part of being a Millennial which is statistically true is that at some point we will have to move home. House prices are prohibitively high and there’s no way we’ve saved up enough to make a deposit all by ourselves.

It’s the biggest purchase we’ll ever make in our lives, but for most young people living in our wonderful world that seems like a distant galaxy. How on earth would we ever be able to afford the thousands and thousands needed for the deposit?

The only way most of us manage it is to move home and stop paying the rent on a random place. Moving home to your old childhood bedroom and making the smallest contribution possible to the household bills, might be a little degrading, but it’s become another rite of passage.

Rent is the biggest killer when it comes to attempting to save. You pay hundreds to a random stranger and get nothing to show for it. You live in and take care of their home for them and they reward you by making you pay vast sums for the experience. At the end of every month, the only thing you have to show for it is another dent in your bank account.

It really pays to take a dent to your pride instead of the dent to your bank account. Moving home and saving the money you would otherwise use for rent is one of the smartest options you will make. Take a look through Borehamwood Estate Agents and find a house you would want to buy. Look at the price and then come up with a strategy to save.

You’ll have to talk to the bank and get a good indication of the size of the mortgage available to you. The amount you can put down for a deposit will invariably change the amount you will be given in a mortgage. The larger a bulk sum you can give up front and pay off immediately, the larger amount the bank will be willing to offer you.

Every single penny you can save whilst living at home counts. Spending a few years penny-pinching and putting it all in the bank instead of into rent, will pay off in the long run. A year or two at home will allow you to save up the deposit or even add to your existing deposit and make a significant difference to the rest of your life.

Buying a home is the largest purchase most people will ever make. It really pays to start planning early about how you are going to save up and create a deposit.