We have a very friendly, supportive and non-judgmental environment. We encourage people to make mistakes here and learn from them, as there will be no negative consequences from that. Our unique approach to public speaking goes much deeper than most others. We’ll help you to develop an authentically confident personal public speaking style that will allow you to connect with your audience, and successfully get your points across in a way that impacts your audience intellectually and emotionally.

Making a poor impression takes seconds, yet repairing it takes months. Few of us are natural speakers, and even the best are nervous before the event.

Whether you are preparing to present to customers or colleagues, delivering an online presentation or perhaps even filming a video, our presentations skills training will help you to make the right impression instantly.  For more information , Please go through Ginger Public Speaking Courses .

Public Speaking Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending our public speaking training courses you will:

  • Have a positive analysis of your strengths as a speaker
  • Understand what to focus on to create the impact you choose
  • Learn how the professionals tackle the fear of public speaking
  • Discover how to bring an authentic approach to public speaking
  • Understand how to create special moments that the audience will remember
  • Learn and practice techniques for structuring, creating, and telling a great story
  • Learn how to use pictures and props for high impact
  • Learn tools and techniques to really engage and surprise the audience
  • Gain confidence in presenting to a range of different audiences in different arenas
  • Practice creating and running a successful Q&A session with flair!
  • Learn how to be a much more confident and authentic speaker

Public speaking training is focused coaching for senior executives and directors who need to motivate and inspire through keynote speeches to large audiences. Our public speaking training is only one to one and completely bespoke so that we can give very specific, targeted support to business leaders.

Business leaders are most likely perfectly comfortable with business plans, marketing reports and financial forecasts. But nothing they learnt at business school has quite prepared them for this terrifying moment of public speaking. It can be nerve racking being on stage in front of hundreds of people who are all staring at you, expecting a polished performance.

To polarise matters even further, it’s simply not enough to do just an ok keynote speech any more. Charismatic business personalities like Steve Jobs, Ken Robinson and Richard Branson have raised the bar high. Just watch a selection of TED talks to witness great performance.

Here are some things to expect from a good class:

— Practical content that emphasizes real work and contemporary situations
— Critiques and advice from the trainer and the rest of your classmates
— More confidence and excitement about speaking in front of groups
— Learning to enjoy the chance to speak in front of other people

Public speaking is a psychological and a physiological event. I like the analogy of the juggler. If you have a couple of balls, they’re easy to keep in the air. But the more balls you add, the more complex the patterns and the harder it is to keep control. That’s why people freak out with public speaking. They use a lot of their limited energy on things that cannot be controlled. The energy needs to project outwards towards the audience, not inwards in a bubble of self-protection.

In my experience, I believe that every student has an expressive voice within them. With guidance and practice the results can be stunning. The focus must be on the tools that work and no longer on self-protection. While we focus on the latter, less experienced, less talented and less deserving colleagues will be climbing the corporate ladder ahead of you.