Energy saving is one of the keywords of modern living. We are constantly reminded of the fact that fossil fuels are not infinite, and that climate change is a real threat to the world. Yet, we need to keep our homes warm, and we tend to use gas or electric central heating – or for those in more remote places, perhaps oil – to power our heating systems. During the 1960’s and 1970’s, when central heating began to become more commonplace, many homeowners with older houses stopped using traditional open fires and many were blocked up as a result, and replaced with more modern gas versions. However, the open, wood burning fire is now becoming more popular, and so are log burners.

Log burners are becoming popular because they fit not only in an older, traditional style of home, but also in more modern settings. They are very attractive – what is more cosy than a burning fire on a cold winter night – and they are easy to use. As they burn wood, they are environmentally friendly too. Some users forage for wood locally, but the best advice is to buy specially prepared, pre-dried wood that is easy to light and burns slowly, as this is the most efficient method of enjoying the advantages of your log burner.

Log Burner Accessories

So, you have decided to install a log burner: you’ve made a great choice, as they heat rooms very well indeed, so you will save money on your regular central heating energy costs. They are also great to look at, and you can also buy a range of accessories to increase the efficiency of your log burner, or just to make the fireplace more attractive. There are specially designed, thermostatically controlled fans, for example, that help drive the heat around the room. These are very useful, and make a big difference to the efficiency of your log burner.

You can also buy very attractive fireside sets – you’ll need a poker for stoking the fire, for example, and tongs for moving or adding logs – and many other great accessories. In fact, you can find a great deal of information on great log burner accessories at, a great website with a whole host of detailed reviews covering many different items.

Enjoy Your Log Burner

Now you have your log burner up and running, and a handy load of logs ready to heat your home and save you money, you can enjoy warm and cosy evenings in front of your fireplace. Remember the safety issues – you can buy special gloves that are designed to protect against the heat, for example – and make sure the adults handle the fire! The world needs more people to use wood burning fires, so you’re helping the environment while saving money and heating your home in the most efficient and effective fashion. Check out the website now for all the information you need on log burner accessories, and you’ll soon see how you can change your home for the better.