Office ergonomics is a huge industry, and it can be difficult to know which products you should be investing in for optimum employee comfort and productivity. As with any industry, you could opt for the cheapest products which will cost less upfront, but are likely to have to be replaced regularly and may not the best quality. Then of course, there is the top end of the spectrum where you can get the very best of the best with all the necessary bells and whistles, as well as some unnecessary aesthetic features.

Ergonomic Furniture 3

Navigating your way through office furniture can be daunting so here are the key products to invest in:

  • Desk Chair

There are a wide range of desk chairs available, when you’re buying chairs for your office, make sure the chair you’re buying has specific adjustable features as standard. The height, seat depth and back support should all adjust to ensure that your employees can sit in a position suited to their requirements. Optional lumbar support and arms rests should also adjust easily.

  • Sit/Stand Desks

Sit/stand desks are a simple solution to the health risks of sitting at a desk all day. With a simple mechanism, the desk will raise to standing height and drop back to sitting height seamlessly to allow your employee’s the flexibility to manage their working day to suit their physical needs.

  • Height Adjustable Desks

If you’re not set up to manage sit/stand desks, make sure the desks that you choose are height adjustable. It’ll save you a lot of time and effort later down the line, especially if your employees hot-desk in the office. The ability to easily adjust the height will mean that whether the user is tall, short, or somewhere in the middle they will be able to comfortably use the desk without straining or stretching.

You can save money elsewhere in the office if needed, but make sure you give the right attention and investment to these key products to ensure that you’re doing the best for your staff safety and wellbeing.