You never fail to amaze me. Everyday there is something new that makes me love you even more than before.” ~ Anonymous

Marriage often termed as a long term commitment, it is a bond that a man and woman do not share with any other person in their lives. It should be full of love, compassion and surprises. Although women want their man to be simple, gentle and caring, they do love and expect to get surprised by them every now and then, through their actions.

Experts at Men’s Health Digest, in their TenGenix reviews, mention that men are using these male enhancement pills to surprise their wives in the bedroom, with the increased penis size and improved sexual performance. Let us look at some other ways you can surprise your wife and win brownie points.

5 Ways You Can Surprise Your Wife

  1. Kiss her When She’s Expecting the Least: Sudden intimacy, kisses and hugs are irreplaceable in maintaining the warmth in your married life. A kiss on her cheek when she’s cooking, on her forehead when she’s reading, on her lips when she’s angry, will leave her happy and blushing throughout the day.
  2. Send Her Romantic Notes: Although this is not suggested to be done often, send her hand written, perfumed love notes, saying all that you feel for her, what you like about her both physically and as a person. She’ll surely be surprised discovering the altogether new side of yours.
  3. Cook a Meal for Her: For some reason, there is something sensual about men cooking, which quickly increases their sexy quotient. More than enjoying the food prepared by their man, women love to watch them cooking, a great turn on, where they can’t resist falling in love with the man all over again. So, make her stand her in the kitchen, when you are preparing her a dish.
  4. Book her a Salon Appointment: Ladies, most of the time, taking care of you, the house and the kids, can’t take care of themselves, which sometimes keeps them frustrated. This ultimately affects the relationship. When you gift her an afternoon at the beauty salon, firstly she’ll love the fact that you spent on something especially for her. Plus, at the salon, she can get herself fully pampered, without thinking of anything other than herself. She’ll return with a glow not because of that gold facial she has at the salon, but because of your gesture.
  5. Register Yourself for Couple’s Salsa Classes: Salsa is a fun, playful and flirtatious dance, where you share the experience of music and movement with your partner. Salsa has many different styles, such as Cuban, Columbian, Puerto Rican, Miami, Casino Rueda, New York Mambo and LA Style. After a couple of classes, you’ll be amazed to see how much romance and sensuality there is in Salsa, and how all this has been injected into your relationship.

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