When you ask your employees to have a meeting, a lot of them will probably loathe thee thought. They will understand that it’s a part of their responsibility, but many will dislike the entire process. It’s true in almost any corporate setting. Employees don’t like the idea of gathering in one room to talk about different issues. Few people enjoy the spotlight, especially if one is surrounded by their peer group.
There are other platforms available for discussion without being physically present in the same room. Although it seems like meetings are boring, they don’t have to be that way. There are ways to make a meeting ‘swing’ rather than be a complete ‘borefest’.

Make it short and concise

Find a way to limit the time you set for a meeting. You can also divide the agenda, so you don’t have everything in one go. When meetings seem to go on forever, your employees will fidget and not like it. Besides, you don’t have to discuss everything in the meeting room. You can touch base in the meeting room, and allow everyone to continue working on their stations.

Give everyone the chance to speak

A meeting becomes even more annoying if you’re the only one who talks inside the room. You can start the discussion, but you have to give everyone a chance to speak. You want them to feel more involved and engaged in the conversation. You’ll also be empowering employees if you allow them to express their views.

You can start the meeting with a game

You don’t need to be serious immediately. You can start by having some fun games,and activities. We can also do a few ice breakers. It allows everyone to relax before,discussing difficult topics. Crack a joke or two but keep them sweet.

Allow the employees to eat

Allow all attendees the opportunity to eat something while the meeting is underway. A break for tea and a snack will lighten the mood. Instead of resenting being there, employees will feel more relaxed and potentially more engaged.

Improve the meeting room

You don’t need to follow a traditional meeting room setting. You don’t even need a round table for the discussion. Provide beanbags to sit on if it would make everyone feel more comfortable. You can sit on the floor while brainstorming although that solution might not work for everyone – if at all. You also have to invest in quality equipment if someone has to present ideas. Check out www.unicol.com if you want to use a projector; a quality wall mount will make it easier to present slides and data projected on to a large screen. Hopefully, these tips will change the way you conduct your meetings. You can’t please everyone in the room, but you can find a way to make the discussions more interesting. You also have to be sensitive to the reactions of your employees. One thing you can do is send round a questionnaire to gauge opinion on how, when, where and why meetings should be held and how best to deliver the message in said meetings. You can look at any ideas or suggestions from your employees on how to
improve the meetings in the future