Often, when we think of limousines we think Hollywood, Glamour and of course those occasions where only a large chauffeur driven vehicle will do. The bottom line is, when you decide to rent a limousine bus you’re not just getting a mode of transport, you’re getting an experience. But contrary to popular belief, entrance into the “limo life” doesn’t have to be reserved for the rich and famous. If you are a savvy shopper and know how to ask the right questions, you too could be relaxing back on those plush leather seats. So what can you do to make your limo experience heavy on the good times yet light on the budget?

Hire in the weekday

The busiest time for a limo drive is at the weekend. So, if you are trying to score a deal then you will probably find it near impossible. However, if you take that special trip on a Wednesday, for example, you could get yourself a nice discount.Get your friends involved

The great thing about a majority of limos is that they charge by car and not by person. Limo companies tend to offer three types of limos; six-passenger, eight passenger and ten-passenger cars. Since six-passenger limos are the most cost effective, you will stretch your dollar much further just by getting those cars filled up.

Be flexible with your limo request

Let’s say you want to squeeze a little more juice from the limo deal. In that case, you could also offer to take your trip in an older limo. As long as you let them know that it needs to be in good condition, clean and with no extras (which will further adds to the cost) this will be a win/win situation. The limo company shifts their older vehicles and you cut your costs.

If you implement some or all of these tips, there is no reason your budget should hold you back from stepping out in style.