There are many excuses for a party and there are many great sporting events, but very rarely do the two ever coincide just as nicely as the Grand National weekend. It is a full day’s worth of entertainment, packed into the middle of the day, so you can have fun and games laid on for the whole family.

Plan it now

The first thing to do is to plan early. The sooner you let people know about it, the more people will be free and available to come. Get notices and emails out now to everyone you would want to attend. Make them aware that you’re going big and that it will be a festival around yours. There will be entertainment.

Book the entertainment now.

The racing will be great and everyone will become absorbed in the racing, but add a few little touches to your party. Book a bouncy castle for the kids to enjoy, maybe even book an inflatable assault course for the adults. It is these little extras which really make all the difference to your day.

Buy enough food to feed a thousand.

There are barbecues and then there are legendary barbecues. The weather will be terribly British and probably not comply, but you’ll carry on regardless. Everyone will love a burger or three and there is nothing worse than running out and having to say sorry to everyone for the next hour. Buy big and make sure you are prepared.

Show the race

This might sound like the most obvious thing you could ever think of for a Grand National party, but it is the only thing which you could overlook. Just imagine if you have twenty friends around for the party and then when the race comes on, they all have to pile into a small room and huddle around a TV screen. It’s not a glamorous sight and one which is so easily avoided. Borrow a projector from someone, rent one, however you can get a projector. Pair this up with a white bed sheet and you have a mobile cinema. Now instead of watching the racing on your TV screen, you can project the race onto the side of your home for the whole world to see.

Have a flutter

The Grand National is all about finding a random horse who happens to be named after your childhood pet and screaming your support until you have lost your voice. The only way to add to this is to have a small bet placed on your chosen horse. The easiest way to do this is to head to williamhill and to take advantage of their Grand National offers. Suddenly when you have backed a horse at 100/1, you will manage to find another level to your screaming.

However you plan your party and the little extras you throw in, these are the essentials you need to consider when you are preparing for the Grand National.