Winning a big windfall is one of the most fortunate events of your life, and if you are one of the lucky ones, your next worry might be to set yourself up with a plan and utilize your money in the best possible way. This newfound cash is the perfect opportunity for you to improvise your financial situation as well as to pursue your long-lost dreams, whether it be college education or a trip to Disneyland. Following are some tips for lottery winners after they receive a big windfall:

Sort Out Your Tax Formalities

Whenever there is a large amount involved, the need to be careful regarding tax formalities is essential. You need to be careful of your tax dues and formalities after the windfall. In case you are not aware, you can consult a financial advisor to help you in this regard so that you may not face any problems later.

Create a Financial Plan to Spend the Money

Before spending your money on anything, you need to develop a financial plan for your lottery money. Handling such a large amount of money can be difficult, which is why you need to set your priorities in the right order. You can set aside money for college education or a house in case you don’t have it, define a separate amount for entertainment and fun, as well as keep a separate amount for investment purpose.

Define a Limited Amount for Fun

When you win the lottery, you naturally want to spend it on luxurious trips and items that you might regret later. You need to define a separate amount for your entertainment and fun activities, rather than spending the amount outrageously. In this limited amount, you can shop the designer bags and shoes, take that trip to Europe etc. Try getting your money from this amount monthly rather than annually so you don’t splurge.

Pay Off any Existing Debts

If you have any existing debts or loans that you need to pay, get them done immediately. This lump sum amount can help you get rid of the never-ending loans, otherwise it can become difficult. Once you get rid of your debts, try closing your credit card accounts so you don’t spend too much money again.

Set Aside an Emergency Amount 

One you have planned out everything and gotten rid of your debt, you need to set aside an emergency fund. This emergency fund will help you and your family in difficult times, if someone faces a health issue, or is injured, or if you face a house issue. This will also help you in times when you lose a job, so you can say emergency fund is important to keep from the Windfall money.

Invest Your Money

Once all the financial plan is laid out, and everything is done with, if you have a good amount of money left, you can invest in something potentially good so you can ear profit from it and that the money doesn’t go to waste.