Saving money can be quite a chore if you’re not prepared for it. You need to have systems in place as a family to ensure that you are saving money on a regular basis. And it’s not just about putting money away for the future.

You also need to focus on particular strategies and techniques that can bring more money into the home, or cut down on money being spent. In this article we will look at a few ways in which you can save money as a family on a regular basis.

The first thing we are looking at is ensuring that you have a packed lunch. This goes for parents and children. School dinners, over the year, cost a lot of money. And ensuring that you have a packed lunch every day for your children means that you can save all that money. Even if you buy brand names in supermarkets for lunch, you’ll still find this cheaper than school dinners.

Get the children involved in packing the lunch and you will also have a lot of fun. For the parents, having a packed lunch will save you hundreds over the year, as you will spend less money on meals from expensive cafes. Sandwiches alone in cafes are at least twice as expensive as they would be if you made them yourself at home.

Go value on food

Another important aspect around food is to buy from supermarkets that are not top of the range. Go for cheaper supermarkets and spend money here and you will find that you save a lot of money over the year. It’s actually been the case that many people find less expensive supermarkets to have food that is at least as good as if not better than top brand supermarkets. And the less costly supermarkets also have a few name brands in there as well.

This means that you can buy cost-effective food while also sprinkling the items with name brands.  This is excellent news for any family that is currently struggling with money, because they can find that they have the opportunity to buy name brands alongside having a cheaper shop.

Our final tip involves buying clothes. If you have a large family the clothing bill can really mount up across the year. Combat this by going online and buying clothes cheaper. There are many online clothing store retailers that offer cheaper clothes than you would find in the shops.

In fact, many families at the moment are buying their clothing mainly online. Whether second hand through auction stores like Ebay, or on online retail sites that offer still much more competitive prices than you find on the high street, you are looking at saving a lot of money if you buy your clothing online.

So there are a couple of ways for you to save money as a family. Just changing your life in one of these areas will bring you a cheaper year, and bring more money into the family coffers. It’s worth considering, especially on the food front.