e-Sports have been around for over a decade at this point, but they weren’t really something the gambling community paid much interest. However, now one of the sports betting site in UK has gained a good knowledge base on the new cyber-sport type for sports bettors to bet on.

Over recent years more media coverage, bigger prize pools and colossal fan-base growth behind e-sport leagues and tournaments have driven gamblers with a love of video games crazy.

What are e-Sports?

e-Sports are essentially competitive video games played by teams of the best players in the world, all pitted against each other to produce hectic and intense action. There are plenty of different genres of game that feature in the world of e-Sports, with everything from Multiplayer Online Battle Arena  (MOBA) games like League of Legends and DOTA being two of the most notable choices.

For those who are more interested in First Person Shooter (FPS) action, Overwatch and CS:GO betting are two interesting choices for e-Sports to start watching and betting on. The most popular choice for an FPS e-Sport for most tends to be Rainbow Six Siege, with some eye-watering prize pools attached to their biggest events.

Why Bet on e-Sports?

What most people don’t yet realise is that e-Sports are the future of gambling. Big innovation has been brought in by the likes of Blinkpool, to produce a highly intuitive experience where bettors either accept or decline proposed micro-bets, usually only lasting seconds to minutes. This means more bets are made per viewer, per minute, compared to most regular sport matches.

The biggest and best reason to start betting on e-Sports is that it’s truly global meaning tournaments and events are played in many different time zones. This gives bettors something to bet on at most points of the day during the months where there are multiple active tournaments.

If you love the thrill of sensible betting and you love video games, getting to grips with the e-Sports market could finally let you net some winnings from your knowledge of your favourite games. You can use your knowledge to assess which team is likely to win overall and which team is going to lose a given round. With the addition of e-Sports to most bookmakers, you shouldn’t have a problem finding somewhere to place e-Sports related bets.