Building an unforgettable user experience will make an impression on your viewers. To achieve this refined experience is not something that is stumbled upon by accident. Thanks to recent saas trends there are now more tools then ever that can help you visualise and gather data to inform how you  can improve the user experience on your website.


A cohesive design will keep users on your website. Understanding modern design principles will help you develop a fantastic website that your users will enjoy using. Many seem to be a fan of clean designs. With fewer visual elements cluttering up the screen. A similar design approach to what Apple employs with their products and website.

Having an aesthetic that is cohesive with the context of the website is important. Clean designs match up with a lot of business’s these days because of website design trends but do not be afraid to bend the rules to fit with your products aesthetic. A user experience that echoes that values of the product and company are those that generally come out on top.

Websites like Craigslist for example use a simple design, nothing that will wow many but the design works because the ethos of Craigslist is that it is community ran. This community feel comes through in the utilitarian design of their site. If you are selling a bespoke product that looks great, it would be smart to build a bespoke website that looks a similar level of great.


Getting around a well-made website should be intuitive. With a great understanding of where to put menus and creating a logical structure to your website you will greatly enhance the user experience. No one wants to hunt through your website to find that one article they wanted too read about your product. They will often just bounce off the website all together. Keeping your users on your website will develop a positive customer relationship with your brand.

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Therefore, navigation should be a key consideration when putting your website together to show off your new product. If your new product gets buried in an unorganized website with lots of pages you will find no one can find your amazing new product. Typically, a menu bar with clear categories laid out to make your website easier to navigate should reduce a lot of pain for your users.

User Feedback

We all can easily get caught up in our vision of what we want our website to be. Often, we can get a lot of insight from some helpful users. User feedback can provide some much-needed perspective on a project you have been working on for a long time. Conducting user surveys of how they felt how getting through your website, what they liked and disliked about the experience can be enlightening.

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Make sure survey a range of people in your audience because getting a lot of different perspectives can shine some light on where you might be going wrong or what you should be doubling down on. The more comprehensive the survey, the easier it will be to find stronger correlations of data that support your argument for a change on the website.


user experience

To conclude, creating a great user interface design is a combination of great feedback and an understanding of current modern design trends. A great user experience reduces the roadblocks to what a user wants from your websites. Making navigation and aesthetic seamlessly blend to generate an enjoyable experience.