A colocation centre, also known as a carrier hotel, is a type of data centre. With a regular data centre, businesses can rent out server space to store their data on. But with a colocation centre, businesses can rent out space, equipment or bandwidth. This enables smaller businesses to access the kind of features and capabilities that are usually reserved for bigger and better-established businesses.

Similarly, medium and large businesses can expand their infrastructure and enhance the services they offer without having to shell out on costly construction work or leasing of facilities. With colocation, a business can install their own hardware in a cabinet which is located inside an existing data centre. This enables your business to take advantage of the data centre’s bandwidth, physical and network security, and a public IP address. It will also save your business the costs of providing electricity to the equipment.

Here are some of the key advantages, and compelling reasons, to embrace colocation for your business. If this isn’t something you’ve thought about before, there’s no better time than now to consider whether colocation could be just what your business needs.

More Reliable Connectivity

One of the big advantages of using a data centre, rather than setting up your own server on your business premises, is that data centres employ multiple redundancies to ensure that if a connection is interrupted, a new one automatically kicks in. From the perspective of the user, it ensures uninterrupted service.

Colocation centres can also offer these same redundancies. For many businesses, downtime means lost revenue. Maximising your uptime means maximising your profits. Use a colocation centre to ensure that your most critical applications run without any interruptions.

As well as ensuring that connections are uninterrupted, a colocation centre can ensure an uninterrupted supply of power to your equipment and will utilise a number of redundancies to ensure that power isn’t lost.

Improved Network Security

Ensuring the security of a network is often one of the most difficult aspects of managing a network. One of the most common mistakes made by businesses, both large and small, is not investing properly in their network security. Not only can attackers potentially access sensitive data about your business, but they can also access personal data your business holds about your customers.

When you host your equipment in a colocation centre, you will be able to benefit from the data centre’s firewall and other network security measures. As you would expect from businesses who provide these services, the kind of security you will have with a colocation centre is hard for smaller and mid-sized businesses to replicate.

Easy Scalability

Most businesses who offer online services will find that demand for their services fluctuates throughout the day. When there are fewer people using a service, it doesn’t need as many resources. Remember, resources cost money, so scaling back your resource usage when you can, will save you money in the long run.

Colocation centres enable you to ramp your resource usage up or down to match demand. When you need more bandwidth, a colocation centre can accommodate the additional demand and traffic.

Room for Growth

As your business grows, you will no doubt want to expand your infrastructure to meet the evolving demands of your business and customers. With a colocation centre, this is a much cheaper process than it is if you need to invest in new facilities and premises. If you are hoping to grow your business significantly in the near future, colocation is a great way of ensuring that you are able to do so without massively disrupting the rest of your finances.

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Cloud Migration

The cloud offers a number of potential benefits to businesses. By using cloud technologies, businesses can make it easier than ever before for workers to access the corporate network, store and access files and collaborate with one another across long distances. There is seemingly no end to the potential applications of cloud technology for business.

If you are already using cloud technologies in your business or you plan to in the near future, colocation might be the perfect solution. Colocation will make your initial transition into the cloud as simple and smooth as possible, enabling you to store equipment off-site and securely.

Colocation is an exciting innovation that far too many businesses remain unaware of. When it is used correctly, the concept of colocation can reduce your operating costs while improving your flexibility and giving you all the room that you need to grow. Look online today for a colocation centre near you.