Month: May 2020

How CRM Can Improve Customer Relationships

Monitoring your relationship with your customers is one of the golden rules of running a successful business. Although as a result of the explosion of the digital era finding customers has come a long way in recent years, establishing and maintaining strong bonds with your customers is probably more important than ever before.


How to Make Meetings Interesting and Exciting

When you ask your employees to have a meeting, a lot of them will probably loathe thee thought. They will understand that it’s a part of their responsibility, but many will dislike the entire process. It’s true in almost any corporate setting. Employees don’t like the idea of gathering in one room to talk about different issues. Few people enjoy the spotlight, especially if one is surrounded by their peer group.
There are other platforms available for discussion without being physically present in the same room. Although it seems like meetings are boring, they don’t have to be that way. There are ways to make a meeting ‘swing’ rather than be a complete ‘borefest’.