How CRM Can Improve Customer Relationships

Monitoring your relationship with your customers is one of the golden rules of running a successful business. Although as a result of the explosion of the digital era finding customers has come a long way in recent years, establishing and maintaining strong bonds with your customers is probably more important than ever before.


How to Make Meetings Interesting and Exciting

When you ask your employees to have a meeting, a lot of them will probably loathe thee thought. They will understand that it’s a part of their responsibility, but many will dislike the entire process. It’s true in almost any corporate setting. Employees don’t like the idea of gathering in one room to talk about different issues. Few people enjoy the spotlight, especially if one is surrounded by their peer group.
There are other platforms available for discussion without being physically present in the same room. Although it seems like meetings are boring, they don’t have to be that way. There are ways to make a meeting ‘swing’ rather than be a complete ‘borefest’.


How to Impress Your Clients With a Corporate Event

Big clients need catering for around the clock. Between the calls, meetings, emails and everything else, sometimes the relationship between businesses and their clients goes outside the regular working hours and needs, and it can be a lot of fun too. If you’re used to impressing your clients with Gantt charts, spreadsheets and powerpoints but haven’t delved into the world of corporate event planning just yet, here are some tips to help you get started making a good impression on your clients with a standout event.


Small Business Management: How to Help Your Company Grow

Growing a small business from infancy into an industry leader is the dream of most starry-eyed entrepreneurs. Even business owners with small ambitions would not mind their company growing into the envy of their competitors. Unfortunately, steering a company in the right direction can be challenging  – especially when it comes to startups. Without the right guidance, it can be easy to fall prey to beginner’s traps.


How To Increase Sales Using The Power Of Psychology

Using human psychology to appeal to potential customers and increase sales is a tactic that has been used by many businesses over the years. For this to work, you need to know your audience and what will likely draw them in to buy your products, whether that’s forging a connection with your customers by promoting shared common values or using curiosity to tempt people.

There are many different tactics that have proven to have worked over time and here we will take a look at some of the most effective psychology tips that can help businesses increase their in-store sales.


Tips On How To Save Energy In The Office

We’re always told the importance of saving energy whilst we’re at home, but quite often we forget about the energy used in an office environment. Millions of pounds are spent running electronic equipment such as computers and printers, which consume a lot of electricity when they are in use and when they are left on standby.


Financial Advice After Receiving a Big Windfall

Winning a big windfall is one of the most fortunate events of your life, and if you are one of the lucky ones, your next worry might be to set yourself up with a plan and utilize your money in the best possible way. This newfound cash is the perfect opportunity for you to improvise your financial situation as well as to pursue your long-lost dreams, whether it be college education or a trip to Disneyland. Following are some tips for lottery winners after they receive a big windfall:


The Best Investment Software On The Market

Keeping track of your investments used to be a full-time job. It still can be, if you happen to be a professional broker or financial advisor. But many individual investors are finding that they can save time and money by looking after their investments using one of the many software solutions available online, or as a downloadable app.

If you don’t want to manage your investments manually, using record books and spreadsheets, and you’d rather not pay someone to do it for you, then using expert software is an affordable and hassle-free alternative. The options available range from basic money management platforms to full portfolio management that includes many sophisticated investing and analysis tools. Some are completely free, while others can either be downloaded for a one-off fee or paid for on a subscription basis.


A Good Financial Forecast

We often say in business that nobody knows what tomorrow will hold. There are scores of investors who would love to throw money at anyone who can tell them otherwise.

Changes happen every day. Customer trends drift effortlessly between products and gimmicks. Someone discovers a new manufacturing technique and a whole new industry is created overnight. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as a product falling out of fashion.